The Great Procrastinator

So, when I’m not billing hours, I try to do something that makes me happy.  Eating good food and watching bad tv shows tend to top that list, but I also enjoy writing.  Making up characters and stories that will capture a reader and help them get lost in another world if only for a few moments.  I have been writing a book now for almost 4 years.  I have gone through many drafts and, right when I thought I knew where I was going with the story, I scrapped the entire thing and started all over again.  Some may call me indecisive, I prefer the term perfectionist.

The problem with writing and re-writing the same story on and off for so long is that I find I don’t want to write it anymore.  I want to be done with it.  I want the story to be finished and the characters to have found the resolution they have been seeking for the last 200 pages.  But the story isn’t done, so I have to keep going.  So I pick up my computer with every intention of typing until my fingers fall off, but inevitably, something else more entertaining crosses my path.  For instance, just now I found an old movie I haven’t seen since I was in middle school (Camp Nowhere from 1994) and I was sucked into something completely unproductive.  After that was done, I surfed the web for primary election results and now I’m writing this post.

While I am procrastinating, I feel great.  I don’t think of what I should be doing, I just focus on my current task.  But I always end up berating myself later for screwing around and wasting so much time.  Which I think begs the question – why procrastinate at all?  If I had started writing 2 hours ago, I would feel like I had accomplished something today (other than the daily grind at my job).  The problem is that there is simply too much distraction.  Of course, if I had nothing to distract me, I’m sure I would make up something to do other than what I am supposed to be doing.

So then maybe I should just give in to my procrastinating tendencies.  After all, Saved By The Bell is available on Netflix.


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