Tweets of Silence

The events of this past week have been sad.  Sad for our country and the state that we currently accept as the status quo.  Our presidential candidates are both below par.  We constantly complain over water coolers or via social media about how lackluster they are; yet, come November, we say “okay” and pull the lever for one or the other without so much as blinking.  An entire race is flailing because of the obstacles placed in their way for the last 250 years.  And every time another is killed, we shout our outrage in all capitalized hashtags, but don’t take any action more than that.  Or another mass shooting occurs, and we all cry and hold up candles, but we do nothing to challenge the law makers we put in place to change the law.  Make a difference.  Save lives.

Why are we so complacent?

I’m just as much to blame as anyone.  Here I am, after the shooting in Dallas, typing away on my computer writing a blog post that no one will ever read.  But the events of this week have finally pushed me to tears.  News cycle after news cycle of violence and I never felt sad – until tonight.  Until this week of corruption and violence which I have never experienced in my entire life.  I finally have the feeling that these violent acts do impact my life and the lives of those I love.  Our elected officials will be on the television tomorrow playing another round of politics because they are happier doing that than sitting down and fixing the problem.  But what makes me really sad is the fact that we – the American People – will sit back and allow them to do it.  Our voices are stronger than the 535 people who vote in Congress, but we let them speak louder and then ring our hands over the fact that we cannot change the system.  Except our vote matters just as much, if not more than our voice.

In my head, I know all of this to be true.  But in the morning, I’ll turn on the news and see our reality – which is that nothing will ever change while we sit back and allow the nonsense to continue.


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